• Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Over the coming months we are going to be upgrading our Cloud VPS platform to improve performance and storage. We have purchased the latest 2018 Dell servers which all have just under 1TB of RAM and 96 cores of CPU power. 

We have invested a lot of money into these new servers and with these massive improvements your VPS Servers will be the quickest they've ever been.

To start the ball rolling, on Friday 4rd August at 9:30pm(BST) we will be updating our XEN software for our SANs. During this time the servers will need to be restarted which will cause some downtime. This update is critical so we can start to roll out our new servers over the coming months. Once all the updates have been installed we can start to move your virtual machines to the new servers. We hope to minimise on downtime whilst this takes place as the software/platform will be the same as before so we can just move VMs around easily using our fail over tools like we do at the moment.

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